Double Roller Blinds

For a sleek and adaptable window furnishing, discover our double roller blinds, featuring two layers of fabric that work independently or in unison.

Discover Our Double Roller Blinds

Double roller blinds are multipurpose, combining blackout & voile fabrics to create one blind with enhanced usability .

Easy to control and child safe, our double roller blinds work well within the home or office. The ultimate blind for optimum light control. Choose to lower the voile fabric layer to reduce glare. The blackout fabric will provide complete privacy and block all light. View the exciting new collection here.




The latest innovation in window dressing, combining a sheer translucent fabric and blackout fabric fixed onto a double bracket giving you great flexibility of controlling the light and privacy in your home.

A name, a concept: two different blinds, for instance one for the day and one black-out for the night, placed underneath the same bracket. The two roller tubes are placed one on top the other so that the space needed is the same as for the single roller blind. The two blinds can be of course operated separately and they can stay one up and one down, both up, both down.


Double Roller Blinds

Double Roller Blinds

Double Roller Blinds

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