Create a relaxing area shaded from intense sunlight with pergolas from Home Decisions. 

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Ideal comfort in terms of light and temperature, thanks to a totally natural ventilation system. .

Whether you are looking for a sturdy support for your climbing plants, to highlight a walkway or to make use of that little space in your garden that the sun always hits, our pergola kit range comprises of a variety of designs from freestanding pergolas, lean-to pergolas or suntrap terrace kits.

A garden pergola combines elegance with functionality, the perfect place for you to relax and entertain. This is a guide to pergolas that can be freestanding, installed on decking, or attached to your house.

We offer both contemporary and traditional designs at an affordable price, enabling you to find a pergola that will fit your place perfectly.

Fancy building your own pergola? No problem! Here we have a range of pergola components sized and suited for you to build your own pergola.

The Aluminium blades provide optimum protection against the sun when closed. You have full control over the amount of light visible. The blades once closed form a watertight roof. Any rainfall is filtered through the blades and down the drainage in the posts.

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